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SPOT: World's First Satellite Personal Messenger


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SPOT gives you the most peace of mind available while you travel in the backcountry or almost anywhere in the world — push a couple of buttons and help is on the way!

This small, lightweight unit uses the GPS satellite system to determine your location and communications satellites to transmit that information to your chosen recipient(s) and a GEOS International 9-1-1 Emergency Response Center. You can also use it to send an OK message to your chosen recipient(s). It's even integrated with Google Maps™ so your recipient(s) can see exactly where you are.

Hopefully you will never need the 9-1-1 feature, but if you do need it, the purchase price of $99.00 and the $99.99 annual subscription will look like a pittance. It's also fun to send your spouse or friend OK messages showing your location.

Be aware that the unit comes with batteries and they last a long time in normal operation so there is no need to order spares.

I tested the SPOT during a 6-day ski trip from North Lake (near Bishop, CA) to Rock Creek (south of Mammoth) at the start of May. The trip participants' spouses were given a map of our route before the trip and at each night's camp I sent them an OK message allowing them to track our progress. It worked exactly as advertised.

I did run into some quirks in setting up the SPOT, but after setup it worked superbly.

The SPOT should be an essential piece of equipment if you ever travel in the backcountry alone. Even if you travel with someone else it adds a huge amount of security because you can get help faster and without your companion leaving you to seek help.

It's a perfect gift for someone you love!

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